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CelticsBlog COVID-19 fundraiser in partnership with The Boston Foundation

Help us help those in need.

Boston Exteriors And Landmarks Photo by Paul Marotta/Getty Images

Here’s how you can help: Follow this link and click on the DONATE button to make your contribution.

The clock is ticking. You’re weary but determined. The opposition is fierce and formidable, but you’ve got this. We’ve got this. Coach calls out the play, the ball whips from one teammate to another. You curl around a screen, catch the pass, and square up.

This is it. This is your shot. You know exactly what to do.

Boston has always been strong. The city has never backed down from a fight and when times are tough, people rally together and build each other back up. The COVID-19 pandemic expands well beyond the streets of Boston, but has hit the city particularly hard. In addition to the hundreds of people that have contracted the coronavirus, dedicated healthcare workers have worked around the clock and risked their lives to help them and in many cases, have been infected, too. While social distancing and staying home helps flatten the curve, we can do more. Here’s an opportunity to help our city and neighbors in need.

Let’s take that shot together.

If you have the means, please consider giving what you can. We are partnering with The Boston Foundation to provide support for their COVID-19 Response Fund. Here’s a brief description of their mission:

Hosted by the Boston Foundation, The COVID-19 Response Fund will award one-time operating grants on a rolling basis to non-profits whose operations in support of seniors, children, immigrants, workers and other vulnerable populations have been stressed by the outbreak. The Fund is designed to be adaptable in its goals and focus, which will evolve as community members and nonprofits in our region share their needs.

Given the immediate needs within our Greater Boston catchment area, the Fund is currently focused on providing general operating support grants to nonprofits whose operations address the basic needs of vulnerable populations that are under additional strain due to the pandemic.

Here’s how you can help: Follow this link and click on the DONATE button to make your contribution.

It is worth noting that this isn’t the only way you can help. There are dozens of organizations around Boston that need support as well. For example, a member of this blog works at More Than Words, a job training youth development program for young people who are court-involved, in the foster care system, out of school, and/or homeless. But I really wanted to focus our giving in order to maximize the impact while providing to an organization that is flexible enough to get the funds to where they are most needed.

So please, consider supporting and helping your brothers and sisters in the Boston area fight this battle together.

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