Rumored to be shopping their young talent, Allen, Dinwiddie, Lavert, Prince, etc for a 3rd star to form their own big 3.... This franchise has seemingly lost their minds again. I thought they were on the up n up, their coach who they just fired, had the young guys playing hard and developing very well. The culture was in place. Then Kyrie n Durant come in, DLo is out, now coach is gone, and now the organization wants to move on from their cheaper, team controlled, younger guys. Seems crazy to me, I certainly would not put all my eggs in the basket with Kyrie and KD.... Two players who still have yet to prove if they can lead their teams at the highest level...Durant went to the best team the league has seen in a long time, and Irving was robin to LBJs batman. It will be interesting to see how things play out with that organization over the next couple seasons

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