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Jayson Tatum to play against the Cavaliers; Jaylen Brown out at least a week

It could be worse, but it could be much, much better.

Brookyln Nets v Boston Celtics Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

Do you want the good news first or the bad news? Executive decision; I’m giving it to you all at once.

For starters, Jayson Tatum is back in the lineup after missing Tuesday night’s nightmare of a game against the Brooklyn Nets due to illness. He’ll be sorely needed as the Celtics will be missing Kemba Walker (load management for his knee), Gordon Hayward (a right knee contusion) and Jaylen Brown (hamstring).

Get used to not seeing Brown, because he’ll be missing in action for at least 7 days. Hamstring injuries are really, really sensitive because of what could happen if not addressed properly. The Celtics should take every precaution imaginable to make sure that Brown is healthy in the long run. Regular season games – in March no less – do not matter in the grand scheme of things for a 3rd seeded Celtics team that’s looking to make a deep run in the playoffs.

Robert Williams just returned from a bone edema that kept him out for months, and it appeared that the Celtics were finally about to be healthy for once before it all came crashing down. Here’s hoping that when Jaylen Brown makes it back to the lineup, he’ll be the last one to clear the injury report for a long, long time.

The Boston Celtics will take on the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight at 7PM EST before taking on the Utah Jazz back at home on Friday night.

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