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Enes Kanter, Celtics trying to ‘keep that chemistry together’ while separated

The Celtics definitely splurged for the best Zoom video package.

Atlanta Hawks v Boston Celtics Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

When watching the Celtics, it doesn’t feel like they are the same as us as they defy gravity to throw down a one-handed slam or drain a 30-foot 3-pointer.

But as all of us are secluded due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their actions feel more relatable. Enes Kanter revealed he looks forward to the zoom video conferences, like many of us now do on a daily basis, that the Celtics conduct weekly.

While there isn’t X’s and O’s for Kanter and his teammates to breakdown, there is a valuable reason behind the video meetings as the players try to maintain the chemistry that became a hallmark of this year’s team.

“It’s so amazing to see their faces, see what they’re doing and have conversations with them,” Kanter said. “We’re all hoping that the season is going to resume one day, and we all want to keep that chemistry together even when we can’t be with each other.”

Kanter added: “It’s like seeing your family again.”

Kanter also offered his thoughts on Marcus Smart, who was the only member of the Celtics to test positive for the coronavirus and ended up recovering from the illness. Kanter knew that the tenacious Smart would be too much for the virus to handle.

“I knew he was going to beat that because that virus hasn’t met anyone like Marcus Smart,” Kanter said.

During the quarantine, Kanter is trying to stay in basketball shape in case the season resumes sometime this summer. Kanter said the Celtics training staff has been staying on players about continuing to workout.

Kanter added that whenever the season does start back up again, all players will need “two or three weeks” back on the court as part of a makeshift training camp before playing in actual games.

While Kanter is keeping basketball on his mind, he has used his plentiful amount of down time to take on different activities.

“This is the best time to educate yourself,” Kanter said. “I’ve been doing a lot of reading, watching a lot of documentaries and I’m actually learning how to cook and play the piano.”

Enes Kanter, just your typical 6-foot-10 Turkish renaissance man.

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