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CelticsPod: A Gordon Hayward interview

On today’s episode of the CelticsPod, I had the amazing opportunity to interview Gordon Hayward.

NBA: Boston Celtics-Media Day Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

On today’s episode of the CelticsPod, I had the opportunity to record an episode with Gordon Hayward. This was an amazing experience and turned out to be a fantastic podcast episode covering;

  • How Gordon is staying fit during the current pandemic
  • Has Gordon noticed any major changes to Brad Stevens coaching style since Butler
  • What it’s like being one of the veterans of this relatively young team
  • Who is the biggest prankster on the team is and has he ever been pranked
  • How Gordon deals with being away from the family when he’s on the road

Gordon has had one of his most productive season so far in his career, flirting with efficiencies of 50/40/90. Having come back from such a serious injury and making his way back to this level of play, Hayward has shown that he is capable of being the metronome for a contending team.

Hayward is also doing his part in helping his fans stay fit by posting a great dribble drill on the Celtics social media account:

Hayward is an integral part of the Celtics current roster and he discusses how he is beginning to impart his wisdom onto the younger generation. Do you want to know who the funniest guy on the team is? Who is the loudest? If you would like to listen in and find out, then please find the links below.

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