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May the 4th be with the CelticsBlog podcast

Some exciting things are happening on the CelticsBlog podcast this month.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Boston Celtics Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Some exciting things are happening on the CelticsBlog podcast this month. There has been the addition of the new show, Celtics Pride, to the feed, while CelticsPod has begun it’s league-wide draft profiles leading up to a final big board.

Throughout April, the CelticsPod undertook a new idea, where members of Celtics media went head-to-head in a trivia showdown. CelticsBlog’s own Keith Smith was reigning champion for multiple weeks until he ultimately fell to current champion, NBC Boston’s Max Lederman. This show will continue to run weekly as a livestream on Twitter.

In May, CelticsPod will be draft heavy, with a guest from teams from around the league to talk about potential players. Each show will focus on a different team’s draft prospects, the best moments between them and the Celtics during this season, and potential trades that could happen on Draft Night. At the end of each episode, that team’s target will be included in the draft board we are building, and once the board is complete, there will be a mock draft episode to round out our draft coverage.

This week, SB Nation is running a Marvel week, so Wednesday’s episode will be a short break from draft talk while we compare each player to a Marvel Universe character. I’m curious who you would analyze each of the players to, so add these into the comments, and we will read some of them out on Wednesday’s episode.

Over on the Celtics Pride show, they will be releasing a new episode every Tuesday, with three already in the books. In the coming month, they have plans to continue with their deep dives into the Eastern Conference, looking specifically at how each team matches up against the Celtics. There will also be their reoccurring segment of “The Coaches Corner” and “Talk Nerdy To Me.” Be on the lookout for some draft episodes from Celtics Pride too, as they begin to put their spin on the NBA Draft.

A lot is going on with the CelticsBlog podcast this month, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. We’re available on any major podcast platform with episodes being released every weekday. Thanks for listening.

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