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Stache Gordon, Kool-Aid, and viridescent dreams (mailbag answers)

Answering your latest mailbag questions.

Boston Celtics v Memphis Grizzlies Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Boston Celtics have already answered a lot of questions in the bubble, but that won’t stop you guys from having questions of your own. I take it upon myself to provide answers. Because I’m always right. Or is that actually “I always write?” Whatever. Let’s go with it.

On to the important stuff. Your words!


I’m feeling very optimistic about our team’s chances, not just in the bubble, but for the next 5 or so years. It seems of all the contending teams (Lakers, Bucks, Warriors, Clips, Raptors, Celtics) we have more youth on our side, combined with experience, skill and athleticism. I really believe we are steering in the direction of a Warriors type dynasty, barring some catastrophe. Are you feeling my vibe?? Or am I drinking too much green kool aid?

I’m pretty much the blog version of a huge walking pitcher of green liquid crashing through the wall and screaming “OH YEAH!” So you’re speaking my language here.

My only pump the breaks moment is to remind everyone that young cores don’t always work out the way our wildest dreams imagine. Sometimes there’s only so much money to go around.

With that said, theoretically the C’s will have Tatum and Brown locked up for a long time. And everything else is about surrounding them with talent of all ages.


What is your favorite color? Emerald, Lime, or Viridescent?

I had to look up viridescent, that’s lovely. Looks like a dream sequence in an artsy independent film.


Will Trader Danny be back this offseason? Or has Trader Danny lost his mojo for good?

For the 3rd straight season I’m predicting that Danny will trade some excess picks for more bench support. So, ...3rd time’s a charm, right?

Sometimes I wonder if Danny is continually holding out for home run swings and not focusing enough on singles and doubles.


will tatum be the youngest finals MVP ever?

He’ll be the first 3 time Finals MVP to win the award when he’s still 19 (yes, all 3 times). But no, Marcus Smart will be this year’s Finals MVP. Again, I’m going on 3 years with this prediction and I will speak it into existence. I will.


If all goes well for the Celtics, who would you like to see Danny pick with the 14th pick? I guy I like is Aleksej PokusevskI, due to his height combined with his shooting and handles. He is probably one of the most high risk/high reward prospects this year, but he has real star potential. Any thoughts on him?

Did your cat walk across your keyboard? I don’t even look at the draft board until a month before the draft so I’m not even going to try with this one. As much as I love our rookies and young players, I’m kind of ready to trade some picks for veteran bench depth.


my question is—-who do you keep or trade or let go? grant or semi?

In the near term I think Semi might be better equipped to face the postseason this year, but I’ve said all along that I don’t think it will take long for Grant Williams to pass him on the depth chart. All he needs to do is get more consistency on that jumper and his all-around game will translate to a bigger role. I do think Semi has a role in this league but I also think he’s expendable in trades this offseason.


1) What happens to Hayward after this season? Do we have the cap space to keep him? Do we want to keep him? I think he’s been great for us and he’s playing his best basketball as a Celtic right now, so I don’t want to let him go for nothing. But I’m also worried that he’ll pursue a bigger payday than we can offer.

I’ll leave the gory details to Keith Smith, but we don’t need cap space to sign Gordon. He has a player option that he can pick up for one more year - which seems like the most likely scenario given the likely cap space situation around the league. With that said, I had similar thoughts about Al Horford last year so you never know. Still, I would be pretty shocked if Gordon was with any team but the Celtics next year.

2) Can we get AARON BAYNES from the Suns this offseason? Please? Just tell me which god I need to offer sacrifice to and I’ll do it. Sleepy Bobby is pretty great, but I miss the intimidating mountain of MAN that All Of Australia brought to the paint.

I mean, I’d trade Enes Kanter for Baynes any day of the week but that doesn’t mean the Suns would be up for that.

Juan T. de Castille

Hayward in September? I read somewhere that GH will leave the bubble in September. What are our chances to do well past the first round if we lose him?

He will certainly be difficult to replace and it won’t be any specific bench player stepping up and filling his specific role. It will require guys like Tatum and Brown taking an even bigger slice of the usage pie. It will require Marcus Smart to start which puts more pressure on the bench units. And it might mean a guy like Romeo Langford gets an extended look that he might not normally have gotten. It will be interesting to see how many games he misses and how critical those game are in the series that they are in.

Random Coffee Table

Utah Hayward
Or mustachioed, bubble Hayward.

Stashe Gordon, because we need an elite 4th option.

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