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Blogging with the enemy: Q&A with Liberty Ballers

A quick chat with Steve Lipman and Dave Early from the Sixers blog Liberty Ballers

Boston Celtics v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

As we prepare to take on the Sixers, we followed a long standing tradition of exchanging questions and answers with our fellow bloggers over at Liberty Ballers, the SBNation Sixers blog. Today I had a chance to answer some questions from them (see that here) and Steve Lipman and Dave Early were kind enough to answer my questions here:

Jeff: From an outsider’s perspective, it seemed like the Sixers have been pulled in two different fundamentals directions dictated by the two stars (Embiid and Simmons). It is never “good” losing one of your top 2 players, but does focusing on Joel Embiid and surrounding him with shooters help focus the offense for the better?

Steve: There is a good chance, I think, that the Sixers’ half-court offense looks a lot cleaner and more seamless with Ben off the court. While not every shooter on the Sixers is a marksman, Ben is the only player who will not shoot from beyond. Given that Embiid ought to have a good chance to dominate the Celtics’ bigs one-on-one, if/when the Celts decide to double team, smart passes out of the post should often result in open shots for his teammates. Take the Sixers projected starting lineup for example: if Embiid draws a double team and makes a smart pass out of it, one of Shake Milton, Josh Richardson, Tobias Harris, or Al Horford should be able to fire away with an uncovered three. What they lose, offensively, with Simmons gone is his devastating transition game. Few players are harder to stop with a head of steam than Simmons, who could often grab a rebound and sprint down the court to either dunk it home or set up a teammate. Simmons has incredible passing vision, and he constantly set up the Sixers’ shooters with good looks from beyond. Ben also provided a good bit of randomness, as he had the propensity to sneak in for an offensive rebound and put-back when the Sixers needed it. So, in total, Ben Simmons not playing certainly hurt the team more than it helps it. But in the halfcourt, you may see the team produce a bit more efficiently.

Dave: It will be more “focused” but I don’t think they’ll be better overall offensively without Ben. Joel and Ben had a 101.7 net rating and a 99.2 defrtg vs Boston over 55 minutes this year. Good for a +2.5 net. A quartet of Ben-Tobi-Josh and Joel posted a 122.8 offensive rating and a 101.7 def rtg at +22.3 net rating in 27 minutes all per Ben and Joel anchored one of the best regular season starting five units with Robert Covington and Dario Saric back in 2017-2018 and the starters a year ago with Jimmy Butler, and Tobias Harris and JJ Redick posted an elite clip as well. I think the big problem offensively was trying to force Horford into things, but it seemed like Coach Brett Brown was moving away from that lately. The idea that Ben was going to play some power forward was intriguing. Ben’s defense creates loads of transition opportunities which helps our overall offense; his size helps things in the half court, especially when Al or Joel sits. They’ll miss him on both ends. I’m still sad about this injury.

Jeff: This matchup seems like a classic case size (Sixers) vs. speed and versatility (Celtics). Boston will struggle to contain Embiid without giving open looks on the perimeter. How do you think Philly is going to try to slow down our guards and wings?

Dave: Well, we’ve put Josh Richardson on players like Kemba for most of the year so he’ll probably start there. We’ll try to take away as many 3s as possible by sending our guards scrambling over high screens and hoping that you settle for lots of mid range pull ups once you see Embiid lurking in the paint. That might go well when Brown or Smart tries it, but maybe less so when Tatum and Hayward do it, both craftier in that middle-territory with pull ups and lobs to roll men. I can’t say I’m very confident here though. We’re in big trouble out on the perimeter. Your team seems built well and our team seems built weird.

Jeff: Al Horford was great for the Celtics and it was thought to be a huge loss for us when he signed in Philly way back in the offseason. What has gone sideways with him this year? Was it mostly fit or has he lost a step? I’m not ruling him out to be a game changer in this series but I’m also not sure if he’s a great matchup for this team either.

Dave: If I were a Celtics fan I would have been thrilled when Elton Brand and co. splurged well-beyond the price point Ainge and Co. wanted to offer 33 year old Al. Do you remember how Al came out of the gate in 2018-2019 hot, then within a few weeks developed tendinitis that lingered literally all season long? Welp... that was kind of our plight this year. He was amazing vs. Giannis in game 1 of the playoffs last season for Boston. But the rest of the series, he started to get bigger and bigger heat packs on the knee, and more and more trainer attention as George Hill and co. started to target his lack of burst and rim protection. Al kinda peaked in a loss to Phoenix for us back in November. That’s all you need to know about the signing. He maybe (?) started to regain form just before the season was suspended. But yes, he might hurt you guys. That wouldn’t surprise me. He’s such a gamer every playoffs. He wins the respect of guys like LeBron and Giannis in huge moments with his savvy two-way play. But as always, Ainge and Zarren were a step ahead of our collaborative front office group and ya’ll got out just in time.

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