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Boston to pick at #14 after Memphis fails to move up in Draft Lottery

The Celtics will also pick at #26 and #30 in the first round of the 2020 NBA Draft.

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The Boston Celtics will pick at #14, after the Memphis Grizzlies did not move into the top-four at the 2020 NBA Draft Lottery.

Boston will also have picks #26 (their own) and #30 (from the Milwaukee Bucks via the Phoenix Suns) in the first round of the 2020 NBA Draft.

The Celtics will also pick at #47 in the second round (from the Brooklyn Nets via the Philadelphia 76ers to the Orlando Magic to the Charlotte Hornets). Boston’s own second round pick at #56 will go to the Charlotte Hornets. Those picks were swapped in the Kemba Walker/Terry Rozier dual sign-and-trade transactions last summer.

The pick Boston is receiving from Memphis this year dates back to the Jeff Green trade in mid-January of 2015. That pick could have conveyed last season, but Memphis kept it via moving up to the second overall pick, where they drafted Ja Morant. This year’s pick was top-six protected, but the Grizzlies stayed at #14.

The Celtics drafted at #14 at the 2019 NBA Draft and selected rookie wing Romeo Langford out of Indiana. Boston had acquired that pick from the Sacramento Kings via the Philadelphia 76ers. The Sixers traded that pick to the Celtics when Boston moved back from #1 to #3 in 2017. With the #3 pick, Boston drafted Jayson Tatum, while Philadelphia took Markelle Fultz at #1.

With the Grizzlies pick conveying this season, the Celtics now own no future picks beyond their own. This is the first time since Danny Ainge kicked off a rebuild by trading Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry to the Brooklyn Nets in 2013, that Boston doesn’t own any additional future picks.

Long live #NetsPick, #KingsPick and #GrizzPick! You were good to the Celtics over several years and delivered the foundation for Boston’s present and future.

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