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Bob Ryan and Jeff Goodman Preview Game 5 of Celtics vs Heat

Bob Ryan gives historic precedence for Tyler Herro’s playoff dominance at 20 years old. Goodman criticizes Boston’s approach.

Boston Celtics v Miami Heat - Game Four Photo by Jim Poorten/NBAE via Getty Images

Bob Ryan and Jeff Goodman discussed the Celtics and Heat series, which could end tonight, on their podcast on Thursday. They fixated on Tyler Herro and the Celtics’ maddening offense, responsible for 64 turnovers and 77 Heat points off them in four games.

Herro scored the most points by a rookie against the Celtics since Wilt Chamberlain and his 37 marked the most by a rookie in the postseason since Magic Johnson. At 20, Herro looks like the potential future star fo the Heat. How has he dominated the Celtics so heavily in this series?

“(Jamaal Wilkes) sneaked in 37 when you weren’t looking. Tyler Herro’s 37 had pyrotechnics going off the whole night. What I loved most about him is the versatility, he’s not just bombarding threes … he goes to the hoop with great dexterity and ambidextrously, and with authority as well.”

Celtics turnovers key an otherwise even Celtics-Heat series. Goodman digs into Boston’s shot selection while the pair wonder if it’s over for these Celtics down 3-1 in the series. He said players like Daniel Theis should not be shooting three-pointers and wondered, like everyone, what happened to Jayson Tatum in his 0 points first half.

“I don’t think it was anything physical,” Goodman said. “He wasn’t attacking like he should, then he starts settling like the whole team does at times for three pointers, instead of Brad running something to get him an easy basket. You got to run something to get a guy like that a basket early just to get it out of his head.”

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