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Must Cs: Celtics vs. Raptors Game 3 Reaction to OG Anunoby Game Winner

OG Anunoby shocked the Celtics with a breakout to the corner and game-winning three after Kyle Lowry hit him with a perfect pass. Lowry explained the play and Jaylen Brown took the blame for the 0.5-second meltdown.

Kemba Walker made the greatest play of his short playoff life to cap Game 3. He split a Raptors double team, ran into a third defender and flung the ball behind his back to Daniel Theis for should’ve been a Celtics win and 3-0 series lead.

Then Kyle Lowry took a step back, saw the Celtics’ defense bite on Fred VanVleet and flung a perfect pass to OG Anunoby wide open in the corner. Anunoby splashed the game winner with only 0.5 seconds to get it off as Jaylen Brown arrived less than one second late.

Scroll below for reaction from CLNS Media’s post game coverage team and the Celtics and Raptors.

The Garden Report —

How Did the Celtics Blow Game Three vs Raptors?

The Boston Celtics were .5 seconds away from being up 3-0 on the Toronto Raptors and remaining undefeated in the playoffs. Instead, OG Anunoby caught a perfect inbound pass from Kyle Lowry in the far corner and drilled a three-pointer as time expired to cut the series lead to 2-1. After the game, Jaylen Brown took responsibility for leaving the shooter open on the last possession, calling it a “f***ing disgrace.”

Did OG Anunoby, Raptors Prove They’re Back By Beating Celtics in Game 3?

What did the Raptors prove with their last-second win over the Celtics in Game 3? Was it a miraculous escape or the start of a deadlocked series going forward? What should Brad Stevens do after the loss? Sierra Goodwill, Bobby Manning, Josue Pavon and Jimmy Toscano discuss on The Garden Report.

Game 3 Post Game Show

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Press Conferences —

Boston Celtics

Jaylen Brown:

Jaylen Brown took responsibility and grew furious in his post-game presser over arriving late to Anunoby on his game-winning three at the buzzer.

Brad Stevens:

Brad Stevens explained the OG Anunoby breakdown that blew the Celtics’ two-point lead with 0.5 seconds remaining in the game. He also explained Kemba Walkers near-game winner one play before and the defenses the Raptors challenged Boston with during their Game 3 win over the Celtics.

Kemba Walker:

Kemba Walker said he was too scared to watch the final play when OG Anunoby confirmed his fear. Anunoby beat Boston’s defense to the left corner and drilled a game-winning three, erasing Kemba Walker’s potentially game-winning pass to Daniel Theis on the possession before.

Jayson Tatum:

OG Anunoby escaped the Celtics defense while they tried to communicate a defensive handoff. Jayson Tatum explained the play, saying it was nobody’s fault individually and rather a lack of conversation by the entire team on the court. Anunoby cut to the left corner and hit a game-winning three with 0.5 seconds left in Game 3.

Toronto Raptors

Kyle Lowry:

Kyle Lowry looked for Fred VanVleet and Pascal Siakam before going to OG Anunoby as a freelance decision on the in-bounds pass that found OG for a game-winning three. Lowry scored 31 points and said he received a text from a close friend to press harder to score, as he willed the Raptors to their first win of the series.

Nick Nurse:

Nick Nurse explained that Fred VanVleet’s pressure on the defense and Marc Gasol’s movement in the middle drew attention away from OG Anunoby during the Raptors’ last-second win over the Celtics. OG Anunoby drilled the three and pulled the Raptors within 2-1 in the series.

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