Bradley Beal

Kembas coming back sooner than later. If he comes back healthy, back to his 20-25 ppg self, I was wondering if it might be possible for us to get Beal in a three team deal similar to how the Nets got Harden. I think the Knicks might be that third team, Id think there would be interest in Kemba for them especially because hes a local talent. I only say add the extra team in the mix because I doubt Washington would be intetested in Walker, as they seem like they might go full rebuild.

We recently saw Beal last week, hes not far behind Harden this year from an offensive standpoint, I think hed fit here perfectly, and the connection he has with Tatum is real. I could really see Beal, Brown n Tatum being an incredible group. So what would it take? Is it even possible?

Knicks get Kemba

Washington gets Knicks 1st round pick, Kevin Knox, Boston 1st round pick, 2nd round pick, Nesmith, and Langford

Boston gets Beal

I dont know. Just spitballing. Anybody out there think its possible for us to get Beal? Obviously without moving either JT or JB...

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