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Halftime hot takes (Celtics - Spurs)

Poppin in Pop’s town.

Boston Celtics v San Antonio Spurs Photos by Logan Riely/NBAE via Getty Images

The Celtics are playing the San Antonio Spurs and I have thoughts at halftime.

Off The Deep End

You would think that with a mostly healthy squad you would see Brad Stevens narrow things down to a reasonable 8-10 man rotation. Nope, he’s already 12 players deep and none with less than 4 minutes. Carsen Edwards and Aaron (Aarosmith) Nesmith got early minutes and did fine with them. Teague, Semi Ojeleye, Robert Williams, and Javonte Green all contributed as well. Will Grant Williams get some 2nd half minutes like he did last time?

San Antonio Patriots

We’re in a weird sort of phase with the Spurs where Pop is still there and the team is still dangerous, but no longer a contender. Sort of like a certain football team in the Foxboro area. When Pop finally does call it a career it is going to be extremely weird. I barely remember the days before Pop and I’m pretty sure a lot of readers here were born after he took over.

Return of the Ugly Quarter

I was very content with the way the team started off in the first quarter. Then the 2nd quarter happened. Yeesh. See what I mean about the Spurs being dangerous? Not happy with the return of the lackadaisical effort.

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