Smart, Pritchard, and the male ego

First off whata great game last night with Miami. Two very evenly matched teams. A couple diffferent bounces of the ball, and minus one of the best in game blocks of all time, and were in the finals last season.

That game was fantastic. A back n fourth battle as most of us knew it would be. Obviously the game ended with a Smart drive and miss, and our boy Pritchard putting the miss back. Awesome. Great stuff. The following 5 -10 seconds bothered me though. Pritchard was elated, as he shouldve been. A rookie making the game winning shot against the ECF champs is something to be thrilled about. I know I was. He was jumpin up n down looking for his teammates to celebrate with and he got no love from the starters. Except for TT who was on the bench and the rest of the bench players....Really love TT btw, great veteran positive prescence. Why no love not really sure what that was about, JB specifically was right next to him.....

So aside from all that which isnt the biggest deal in the world, Smart doesnt even celebrate the last second W. Which he should have because PP basically bailed him out. He drove to the hoop, which was good, but he did it looking for a foul, not a bucket. If Pritchard missed the putback and we loose the game, everybodys pickin Marcus apart today.

He watches the putback go in and instead of celebrating or at least high fiving payton, he runs over to the reff. Tells him to make the F’in call, n has to be separated from him literally. That was ugly and I wish I didnt see it cuzz im a huge Smart fan. I dont know if its his ego or what, but that was just stupid. We won a hard fought game and everyone should be happy. Certainly not upset. Great game but I didnt like what I saw immediatley after.

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