That looked better

Let's start with the obligatory "it's just a preseason game" statement. However, I liked what I saw from game two much more than I did from game one.

I liked that ball movement. My favorite play was the Al Horford dish to Grant Williams making a backdoor cut on the weak side baseline. But there were other moments as well. I liked that Romeo Langford played liked he belonged and rewarded the coach for starting him. Will the two-big lineup be part of the starting five or was this an adjustment to Jaylen Brown not being available? I liked the play of the bench overall.

I liked that the Celtics played well despite missing both Brown and Dennis Schroder - a sign of good depth. It looks like Bruno Fernandez and Jabari Parker will be battling it out for a spot in the team. I would expect to see them play more in the remaining two preseason games.

What did you think?

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