Interesting game to watch

Usually when virtually all the starters do not play a minute and much of the game is played by players trying to make the team, that game is hard to watch. But I enjoyed the Celtics vs. Orlando preseason game last night.

I think the bench players who are most likely to be part of the rotation (Pritchard, Nesmith, Langford, G, Williams) played well against the Orlando starters. If Boston somehow lost its top six players and this was the team it had, then it would not make the playoffs, but it wouldn't be the worst team in the league either. These guys are real NBA players now.

Jabari Parker hits his three-point shots. I felt that for Jabari Parker to make this team, he would have to develop a three-point shot and learn to move his feet on defense. His three-point shot was falling and he's lost the cement shoes. He makes the team.

Theo Pinson makes the team. He's fearless and has enough NBA experience to know what to do. He will be a good deep bench piece. Bruno has good energy and he makes the team too. He will be a very good practice body if nothing else. Hauser and one other gets the two-way. Hauser has some potential.

Expect trades by the deadline because Boston has bench assets and contracts it can now use.

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