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Former Atlanta Hawks guard Brandon Goodwin claims COVID-19 vaccine ended his season (

The article is in SB Nation, and as there is another article headlining on C-Blog about this, I assume that source is acceptable. I am getting the article from MSN, so Microsoft is not suppressing it. Will it be suppressed here?

As I've repeated many times here, I am 100% pro covid vax. I'm scheduling my booster today. The risks associated with covid...for most people...are far greater than the risk from the vax, And there does seem to be public benefit from having most people get the shot, as you are less likely to contract the disease and therefore less likely to spread it.

However, I do not find it irrational for a young NBA player to mistrust what he is being told by the experts. Perhaps Jaylen Brown is such a player, I don't know.

There are LEGIT reasons to mistrust what we're told as being in some areas dishonest or incomplete.

There is a history of authorities such as Fauci lying to the public on covid. He lied about the masks, although I think most of us understood at the time why he was lying. But he also has lied to Congress now, several times, on gain of function. He would argue he was telling the truth, but common sense sometimes prevails. Fauci and a handful of cohorts tweaked the definition of gain of function so that they could continue the research after Obama and Congress prohibited it. Only by using this rigged definition can Fauci claim he was telling the truth. But the fact is, and he was aware of it, that Wuhan was doing research where covid viruses were artificially developed to be more contagious specifically to humans. And some of that research was sponsored by NIH with Fauci's approval.

Someone like Brown may not have all those specific details, but he is intelligent enough to instinctively sense when he is being lied to.

What's more, he can sense, as most non-ideological people can, that our institutions have fully mobilized to push a certain narrative, and anyone who disagrees risks ruin and ostracization. Look at the article above. The player claims the NBA was essentially trying to silence him. You might demand proof. But to Brown and most regular people, we sense this is likely true, because most of this country's powerful people and institutions are terrified to go against the prevailing narratives, whether it's on gender questions, climate, education, etc.

There is, of course, the question of whether this player's blood clots were caused by the J & J vax. It's probably the case that we'll never know. It's also probably the case that most of our powerful institutions don't actually want us to ever know, because it runs against the narrative.

People on both the right and the left are so married to their ideology that they risk their lives, or the lives of their children. I have a friend in Florida, who has serious co-morbidities, who I simply could not convince to get the vax. I tried and tried. In August, she and her husband were hospitalized with covid. She is home and doing better, he is still in the hospital and will soon be in rehab for months. She is now 100% pro vax, but ideology had come close to costing them their lives.

But ideology also endangers from the other side. The pro-vax narrative has become so powerful that any skepticism is seen as some kind of MAGA disease, and this means we might be soon subjecting young children to a vaccination whose risks are likely understated, and whose benefits for children is EXTREMELY limited. Biden's CDC head recently lied on TV that covid mortality for children is double that of flu. The truth is the opposite, and you can go to the CDC itself for that data. But this gives you an idea of how powerful the pressure is to push a narrative. We've seen this here at Celtics-blog, where fans were so mad at Brown that they claimed they wouldn't watch the team this anymore. THAT'S exactly the kind of social pressure that corrupts science when that sentiment is shared by enough powerful people, and in this case it is, since most people that shape out institutions are very ideologically left.

So should Brown have gotten the vax(if he didn't)? None of us...none of us...can actually say because we just don't know the particulars. Does he spend time with older people or sick people? Does he have a history of heart disease in his family? Does he have a sense that in conforming to public pressure on this will open the door to yet more mandates and more loss of personal freedom? Will flu mandates be next? CO2 emission trackers? Scanning emails to make sure nothing "hateful" is said? The FBI has billboards up in Boson with an 800 number for you to call on your neighbor if you overhear anything "hateful". What's is hateful? Why, anything that would offend the sensibilities of a progressive. You can probably turn me in just for posting this. Or maybe I should just be canceled?

Brown, a student of history, is acutely aware of how quickly freedom can be taken away by the powerful. And he likely knows that often this is done in the name of making a "better world". And misery always follows.

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