my idea for one more trade before the season starts

here is one I come up with get some future assets AND to drop below the tax line this season.

first off we all pretty much agree parker has almost locked a roster spot here and with that we have a glut of big men on the roster.

Pritchard, Nesmith and Langford's play in summer league and pre-season have most of us feeling better about your young depth on this team as well.

with that said, here is my crazy trade idea:

Celtics send
Schroder- $5.9M- UFA with no bird rights next season
Hernangomez- $7.0M- next season non guarganteed

to Oklahoma for

T. Maledon- $2.0M- two additional years under contract

2023 first round pick (Okl has FIVE first that year) either Denver or the LAC pick oes to the Celtics

Okl is currently $21M UNDER the Cap FLOOR this year now. so they need to add salary. they also have room to keep Schroder to a market deal after this season. As I said they have FIVE first round picks in 2023 right now.

Celtics get a young PG in Maledon who is under contract for 3 years total. and a first round pick for Schroder (who we likely cannot keep after this year) and Hernangomez who frankly is redundant is we keep Parker and Bruno on the team this year.

the kicker is the Celtics drop UNDER the tax for this season by about $5M.

am I nuts or would this be a good way to get assets for Schroder while not impacting the team very much this season?

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