Give Udoka Credit

Coach Ime Udoka got roasted by me and others when the Celtics were going bad at the start of the season. However, the last few games in general and last night's game in particular, the Celtics have looked very good. He deserves much of the credit now. Consider this:

  • The Celtics are playing with energy and effort - check.
  • The Celtics are playing with a higher level of physicality - check.
  • The Celtics defense is playing well - check.
  • The Celtics are rebounding - check.
  • The Celtics offense moves the ball and moves without the ball - check.
  • The Celtics have cut down on turnovers - check.
  • Jayson Tatum has (almost) stopped complaining to the refs - check.
  • The Celtics are developing on court chemistry - check.

Now the challenge will be to turn success into hunger and not complacency.

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