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Do the Celtics Have Anyone “Captain” Worthy? w/ Sean Grande | Celtics Beat

Iconic voice of the Celtics, Sean Grande joins Kaufman for this LIVE release.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The voice of the Boston Celtics Radio Network, Sean Grande joins Celtics Beat. Grande and Adam Kaufman talk about the improvements in the Celtics defense, trading for Ben Simmons, and getting back to traveling with the team.

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Do the Celtics Have Anyone “Captain” Worthy? Can we even believe that this is a question? Isn’t being one of 17 captains in the Boston Celtics 75 year history? Sean’s opinion is likely very different then mine but for the Celtics superstar duo to be so concerned with personal legacy, you think either, but more likely, Tatum would jump on the chance to be the team’s first captain since Rajon Rondo in 2014.


It’s perplexing to me. I wonder how you all feel about this. Let me know in comments below and enjoy Grande and Kaufman.

The specific topics of this show includes:

0:00 - Sean Grande on media business

4:13 - Getting to know head coach Ime Udoka

13:53 - What to make of the season so far?

19:50 - Unconcerned about Jayson Tatum’s struggles

31:41 - Did Marcus Smart’s comments actually ignite the team?

43:15 - Celtics would NEVER trade Jaylen Brown for Simmons

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