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Jayson Tatum finally opens up about Coach Udoka

The Boston Celtics are not the most talkative bunch with the media but that changed today at practice....

The Boston Celtics media availabilities lack the ‘flavor’ and fun, sometimes intensity of the last championship era. Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen were always worth watching and listening. Even the Isaiah Thomas era was packed with quoteworthy content.

That, as so much else has recently, has very much changed with today’s team. Sure, we can always count on the occasional outburst from Marcus Smart and Coach Udoka has Brad Stevens beat in transparency but we are always left wondering when it comes to the Celtics two superstars, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum.

After a week’s worth of sports talk radio brutality Tatum at least seems to realize that if he talks more, leave much less for guessing, the scrutiny which has been known to distract this roster over the last 3 seasons, will wain.

Here’s the sound from shoot around. I promise if you’re a Boston Celtics fan, this rendition of the green team sounds much more like the Boston Celtics of the past 75 years, or at least the last 10.


BRIGHTON, MA — Jayson Tatum spoke with media at Friday’s shootaround ahead of the Boston Celtics showdown with the Milwaukee Bucks. Jayson said he isn’t concerned about his at the rim struggles this year: “I just need to make more shots.”

Tatum spoke about the improved Celtics defense: “It’s starting to come together...“The more time we spend with each other and the more game film that we watch, the more comfortable we get, the more trust we build up.”

Jayson Tatum on his new coach Ime Udoka: “I trust him and respect him … We believe in him.”

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