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Should Marcus Smart or Dennis Schroder be the starting point guard? - The Garden Report

Sherrod Blakely, Jimmy Toscano, Josue Pavon and John Zannis are debating the latest hot topic...

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Jaylen Brown was out again on Friday night vs. the Bucks. Shortstaffed, the Celtics relied on their guard duo running the show to find the victory after another overtime game.

The Celtics felt the impact from both guards, Marcus Smart and Dennis Schroder. Specifically Schröder, who scored a season-high 38 points. “German Rondo” chipped in an up-and-down performance, making unforced errors early, then settling into his point explosion.

“I just have to be comfortable pushing the pace on the offensive end,” Schröder said postgame. “Everybody just play free, have fun and play. I think that’s when we are at our best and I think that’s what we did tonight and the last couple of games playing on the defensive end. Be scrappy, try to get steals, rebounds, then go on the offensive end, try to run, get easy buckets.”

Friday served as another positive sign that the Boston Celtics who in this early NBA season were just a week ago devoid of any positivity.

Five games ago, Marcus Smart’s questionable comments had the locker room fractured and us “talking heads” all throwing flames at the Celtics season. Since that post-game presser, the C’s have tallied a 4-1 record and Marcus is suddenly looking smart. Schroder’s 38 points have sparked the latest Celtics debate that we’d like to pose to everyone here at CelticsBlog...

Who should Ime Udoka start at guard, Marcus or Dennis? What say you?

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