Loss of game, loss of trust

The Celtics lost to the Cavaliers last night after building a 19-point second half lead. More than a game was lost.

Coach Udoka tried to take advantage of the big lead by using his deep bench - Payton Pritchard, Aaron Nesmith, Jabari Parker along with Grant Williams and Romeo Langford. That group couldn't tread water and had to be replaced with the starters with about 9 minutes to go and the game essentially tied. Udoka can't play those guys together. In the future he will need to select a deep bench player and commit to playing him with the starters for extended minutes.

But the bench doesn't deserve all the blame for this one. The starters were outplayed at the end of the game when they had a plenty of chances to win it and couldn't. They were particularly ineffective on offense, scoring just 15 points. Either they failed to execute or there was no plan. Failure to plan is planning to fail goes the old saying. I don't know where to place the blame on this one but it wasn't the first game that this team struggled to close a game and let a win slip away.

Practice agenda this week? Situational basketball.

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