Back to .500

The Celtics beat the Cavaliers last night to get back to the .500 mark with a 7-7 record. It feels like they are living in the neighborhood where they will stay for the season. They will end up with a regular season record close to .500 and be fighting to avoid the play-in tournament.

Dennis Schroder has become the defacto leader of this team, particularly in the fourth quarter. So far that's been a good thing, but what does it say about the team? This team needs Jaylen Brown to come back and stay healthy and it needs Jayson Tatum to rediscover his scoring touch. Although he led the team with 23 points last night, he hasn't been the threat we've known him to be.

Udoka used his bench better last night. That's a good sign. I think he's still lacking in X and O management but that will come with experience. He's a rookie and sometimes it shows. I hope he becomes a great coach with time, but I wonder why they thought a rookie coach was a good choice for this team.

It's never too early to think about the trade deadline and I have to imagine that Stevens is working on ways to take advantage of that opportunity.

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