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Celtics win on backs of bigs NOT named Rob Williams (videos)

The Celtics faced a streaking Cleveland team for rematch...

Listening to Monday night’s game-broadcast on radio, while back in Boston, Cedric Maxwell rang in my ears, sounding more like a coach than the colorful analyst we’ve come to know from Celtics’ game broadcasts.

Just like on his famous podcast, Maxwell continued to harp on toughness, grit, fire, passion, rebounding, ball movement, paint-play and rotations.

Without knowing, Max was confirming that everything fans have been screaming at the television since the start of the season.

Here’s what everyone was saying after the game.


Celtics veteran Al Horford spoke with media following Boston’s tough win against the Cleveland Cavaliers. In his interview, Horford spoke kind words about teammate Jayson Tatum amid his shooting struggles. Horford said: “He’s just so calm. He’s never rattled. Never rushed.”


Ime Udoka spoke with media following the Celtics 98-92 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday night. Shortly before the start of the 2nd half, Robert Williams was ruled out for the rest of the night due to knee soreness. On his status, Udoka said Williams “just has some knee soreness. He felt something and we got him out.”


Jayson Tatum spoke with media following Boston’s 98-92 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. Tatum commented on his shooting struggles: “I try to be the same person when I’m 7-for-30 as I was when I was scoring 50 or 60.” Tatum continued to say “I haven’t doubted myself once. Neither have my teammates.”

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