Meanwhile in Maine...

Looked at the Redclaws, Celtics line up this year and they have a few players who are doing very well. Understand that Jordan Mickey and Tremont Waters both had great g league stats but didn't translate to the NBA.

Sam Hauser

Statistics Houser is only averaging 18 points but is very efficient (> 400% 3pt, >500% fg, >800% ft) and has a 5.6 assist to turnover ratio. While encouraging, the g league seems the best place for the forward.

Brodric Thomas

Statistics Like Houser, he is putting up solid numbers.


Outside of Two-Way Players and players on NBA Assignment, the majority of players in the NBA G League are available for any of the 30 NBA teams to sign (call up); these NBA G League players have signed contracts with the league rather than their individual team, so by NBA standards they are technically free agents.

Luke Kornet

Statistics Also solid, Kornet is averaging >18 points, > 8 rebounds and >2 blocks a game. He is shooting 333% from behind the 3 point line. He seems to have a good relationship with the Celtics.

Ryan Arcidiacono

Statistics Arcidiacono may be having the most impressive season averaging >8 assists and 400% from 3 point. Seems like a nice option to have around if the Celtics decide to trade Schröeder.

Theo Pinson

Statistics Averaging 478% from 3 point Pinson is having a great month. Unfortunately every minute he plays is a minute Langford and Nesmith don't. If anything, his g league play undermines Aaron Nesmith's trade value. Why give up any assets for a player when you can get a similar player just by pilfering the g league.

* Pinson, Kornet & Arcidiacono had their shot to prove themselves in the league. The NBA isn't great at 2nd chances-- but both are reliable fringe NBA players and could be used if Trader Stevens wants to make a mid year move. A month ago, a point guard rotation of Smart, Pritchard and Arcidiacono made some sense. Maybe in a few months when Pritchard de-cramium his rectum it will make more sense.

No one really stands out from the rest of the prospects.

I think the Celtics are done with in season trades-- the 2 teams that could really use Schröeder are the Clippers & Nets. Both only have 2 to 3 years till a rebuild. Unfortunately, they have already mortgaged their futures.

Right now the Celtics on paper look to be a championship contender.

2 All-Stars

Brown & Tatum

1 possible All-Star

Williams III

6th man of year candidate


All defensive NBA candidate

Marcus Smart

The best old big man in the league

Al Horford

2 third year players who are figuring it out

Williams and Langford


2 second year players who are in severe sophomore slumps

Pritchard & Nesmith

On the court the Celtics are getting better; although they did set the bar remarkably low through the first few games.

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