State the obvious - more scoring needed

The Celtics need to find more scoring. Will they find it when Jaylen Brown returns? That will help a lot, but they still more than him. Tatum got 34 last night and had five players score in double figures. That sounds like a winning formula - feed your main scorer while others chip in. But you see a lot of goose eggs in the box score.

Can they develop another scorer from the current roster? We thought Nesmith would be that player - a high energy guy coming off the bench who can shoot the three. But he's struggled and looks like he's losing confidence the more he plays. Perhaps Pritchard then? He can hit from way downtown. But who do you play him for? It appears the coach really doesn't trust him much at all. I know we like both Nesmith and Pritchard but they haven't done much yet to earn more time. What about Parker? Can he defend well enough to get playing time?

Will Brown come back and score 30 a night and create a synergy with Tatum who will also score 30 a night becoming the two-headed monster we imagine they can be? When you wish upon a star...

That leaves trading as the best option.

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