The Kanter Saga and Tonight's Game

I don't love mixing politics and sports but -

Have we ever seen anything like this?

1. A player taking on another player with his social justice take.

2. Not just any player, of course: Lebron. "The" player.

3. Lots of national attention: here, for example. CelticsBlog thread here on the related "is Enes getting fewer minutes" question.

4. Will ABC mention it tonight?

Hell no, right? Disney owns ABC, has huge interests in China.

Mulan controversy last year. Shanghai Disney locked in 30,000 visitors last month for emergency Covid testing. They just want this to go away.

5. Does it affect Celtics chemistry?

No reporting I've seen. C'mon beat guys! (Unless I missed it. Then c'mon me).

My guess is teammates were politely interested that Enes is on Turkey's Most Wanted list.

But angry at him now for provoking Lebron and questioning everyone's shoe contracts.

Does Enes get the silent treatment?

Have any players genuinely sought to learn more about his cause(s)?

6. Does it affect Lakers on-court motivation?

"Quiet rage" from Lebron? He's 50-50 to come back from injury but this might get him on the court.

Won't he seek to punish the Celtics on court, for the slight? I'd guess his teammates have his back. Will give extra effort on D.

Will Celtics have Enes' back, who won't even play much or at all? Nah.


I'm taking Lakers +2.

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