Is player development and winning compatible?

This team keeps showing small signs of improvement. Let's step back to see what we'll find:

The offense in general is performing better. Specifically, the ball is moving quicker, Marcus Smart is passing well, Schroder's penetration threat is breaking down the defense, and Tatum is finding himself in ways that get him scoring as well as others.

Udoka is better prepared coming out of time outs with a quick hitting play and the team is executing it.

The defense continues to play well. They keep forcing their opponents to make one more pass.

There appears to be a strong chemistry developing - almost kumbaya.

There is predictability in how he is using his roster. It is basically an eight-man team. When everyone is healthy he has his five starters (Tatum, Brown, Horford, R. Williams, Smart) and his bench (Schroder, Richardson, G. Williams).

But that predictability comes with a caveat. He is failing to develop the younger players. In fact, they are regressing.

So here's the question: With the team improving and playing well, should Udoka worry about his deep bench? Can he find a way to develop them that won't hurt the team? Or should he make sure to develop them even if it hurts the team in the short run?

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