Comparing this years roster to last seasons NBA champs

Did Stevens build the team to mimic the Bucks of last year?

If so how do this years Celtics compare

using the top nine plyers from last years Bucks team to the top nine Udoka is playing this year. I compared each player using a per 36 minutes basis over last year this year (so far).

Giannis / Tatum - Obviously Giannis is the better player right now

Middleton / Brown- its a pretty even match here to my surprise, as i wanted to think brown had an edge

Holiday / Schroder- Holiday get the over all edge here

DiVincento / Smart- Smart get and edge in a surprisingly CLOSE call

Lopez / Horford - Al has been the better player over this time frame

Portis / Rob W. - Portis has better numbers at this point

Connaughton / Richardson- Richardson slightly ahead here

PJ Tucker / Grant W. - Grants play so far this year has elevated him to EVEN here

Forbes / Langford - Forbes get the edge here rigth now.

So Milwaukee has the edge with Giannis, Holiday, Portis and Forbes, with Boston having Smart, Horford and Richardson.

Middleton / Brown and Tucker/ Grant I rate even.

how far IS this roster from competing for a title (which Milwaukee won last year)?

perhaps the BIGGEST thing one notices is the level of NBA experience between the two rosters, IMO,.

ages of Milwaukee's top nine last season:

26,29,30,24,32,28,25,35 and 27

Boston's this year:

23,25,28,27,35,24,28,23, and 22.

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