Horford retire a celtic.

Id like to see him play here during and through the Js primes here in Boston and retire a celtic. I think he can be a solid contributor for another 3-4 seasons as long as he wants to keep grinding. He seems to take really good care of himself and prides himself in staying relevant at an older age in terms of basketball. Hes a great locker room guy and leader for the younger guys n exemplifies being a pro. Obviously if he wants big money then let him go look, but if hes willing to go the route of his former teammate, paul milsap, n sign a team freindly deal after his current one is up, Id love to see him stay in Boston. Potentially winning a championship with Jaylen, Jason, and Marcus. 3 guys hes been around since they were on rookie contracts. I think he can teach both the Williams' alot too if he hasnt already

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