Profit taking: Trades for Dennis Schröder

LINK Chris Forsberg: Schroder's hot start raises questions about his C's future

This post is based on three assumptions:

  • There is no way the Celtics will be able to resign Dennis Schröder next year.
  • Once Jaylen Brown returns, Schröder will be far less important to the team.
  • Payton Pritchard will come out of his funk and provide about 65% of what Schröder does.
Even if all of this turns out to be true-- there is a very strong argument to be made that you do not trade away a great contributor to a playoff team in the middle of the year-- UNLESS he is a distraction. I actually think that a fully health rotation of:

Jayson Tatum
Jaylen Brown
Al Horford
Robert Williams III
Grant Williams
Josh Richardson
Marcus Smart
Dennis Schröder

With Enes Kanter, Romeo Langford, Jabari Parker and Payton Pritchard (I think this last month has been an aberration and Pritchard will come around) to matchup against other teams--

Can contend for a tittle.

But-- if they decide to trade Schröder-- here are a few trades that may make sense.

After that-- there really isn't a whole bunch of options. Many of the teams that could really use Schröder are either...

Set at Point Guard and Back up point guard. Like the Chicago Bulls (Lonzo Ball / Alex Caruso) and Dallas (Luka Doncic / Jalen Brunson).


Have no young assets to give up; LA Clippers, Brooklyn Nets, LA Lakers, and Milwaukee Bucks.


Are a fringe playoff team all Schröder does is make them lose by 12 points a night in a sweep by the Warriors instead of 20.

The one thing that may change the equation is if s star player has a long term (but not season ending) injury. The Hawks have talent to make a deep playoff run but not if Trea Young misses two months.

I put it at about 75% that Schröder makes it to the end of the year. Smart isn't a full time point guard. Even if he were- Payton Pritchard just has been awful. After that-- the Celtics have no legit point guards. Maybe they go out and sign Kris Dunn?

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