Two deals to set the team up for the next couple years

Right now the Celtics are 12th in the NBA in total salary cap hit this year at $142M.. The two deals I propose here moves them up to 9th over all this season at $154M in salary.

Both of these trades have been talked about before (by myself and others), so here goes the details.

1) Boston trades Kanter ($2.66m) , Hernangomez ($7M) and the 2024 first round pick to Houston for D. Theis ( $8.3M) and D, House ($3.9m).

Theis contract is at $8.3M, 8.7M, 9.1M and a final year team option of 9.5M. he also has a 15% trade kicker he would have to give up. I would offer to guarantee $4M of his final year to get it done.

House is on an expiring contract., Boston takes him in under part of Kemba's TPE we have.

Because of Theis' additional years we need to give up a future first round pick.

2) Boston trades A. Nesmith ( or Langford) with next years first round pick to Orlando for T., Ross .

Ross is under contract for $12,.5M this season and $11,5M next season. Boston brings him in under the Fournier TPE.

Nesmith or Langford fits in a TPE that Orlando has that expires in Feb.

Boston's ownership group will have to be willing to pay around $11M more in salary this year as well as the TAX on that money also.

But if they are, these two moves could put the Celtics into play as a contender in the East but also for a championship run.

Our roster after both moves would be













Langford ( Nesmith)


Ball Handlers:




That's a pretty deep and veteran roster that I feel can compete with most any team. replacing Theis with Kanter is an upgrade if for no other reason that he is under contract for three more years. Ross give Boston a scoring fourth wing , most feel they need.

Next year the free agents would be





IF Schroder leaves, we can use the Taxpaying MLE for another NBA vet PG to replace him and we have bird rights on House and Bruno.

We also have Begarin, Madar, Houser and a second round pick to try out as well as Vet minimum deals to fill out any roster spots.

Sets the team up nicely to compete at the cost of two late first round picks and some hard $$$ from the owners of course.

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