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Deja vu Celtics return (post-game videos)

After feel good wins against sub par teams, the C’s showed they’re an average team

Another disappointing loss to a good team. That’s all I can say. The rest can be said by the Boston Celtics players who provide you with another deja vu presser conference after another Deja vu loss to a streaking Brooklyn Nets team


Jaylen Brown spoke with media following Boston’s 123-104 loss to the Brooklyn Nets. Brown was honest about the team’s performance: “Obviously this wasn’t our best game. We didn’t come out and play with that tenacity that we (showed) in recent games.”

On Boston’s shooting struggles and energy, Brown said “I think we let some makes and misses dictate how we were going to play.”

However, Brown didn’t let the result discourage him. “Tonight was a tough night for us. But I think we’ll bounce back.”


Al Horford spoke with media following Boston’s loss to the Brooklyn Nets 123-104. Horford spoke on the effort of Brooklyn, saying “They came out the more aggressive team. We gave them too much respect in my opinion. They are what they are, they’re a good team. It’s a good learning experience for our group.” Horford also said “When I was out there it felt like we were taking good shots, but it does feel like we need to put more pressure on the rim.”


Celtics coach Ime Udoka spoke with media following Boston’s 123-104 defeat to Brooklyn on Wednesday night. Udoka said he spoke with his team following the game. “I told the group, ‘Good homestead, but it could’ve been a great one.’” Udoka also said it felt like “It was the first game in awhile where we got out-hustled and out-worked.”

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