Timelord has me sad.

I freaking love the guy. I’ve been a staunch proponent of him playing big minutes, and have lauded his impact. But I’m getting closer and closer to being ok with moving on. If the best ability is availability, then he’s failing in that regard. The guys impact is so meaningful that when he constantly misses time, it just magnifies the issues with the teams inconsistencies. His career +/- is great. If you’re not into that stat, look at his advanced metrics. They’re all awesome. But the guy CANNOT play 75% of games. That is also a statistical fact with him. And that may supersede all of the good having him on the roster brings. And that is what makes me sad. He’s a possible legit piece of a " Big 3", but because of his injuries/sickness, it’s a " Big 2 1/2". Maybe you move him at the deadline with a Schroeder, and maybe other stuff and try to create a new type of squad to mo e forward with. Get a sharpshooter, a legit sniper and another less-awesome but more reliable big. I don’t know, but it might be getting close to major shake up time. Because otherw, what are they doing?

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