Nets game thoughts

1) The good

Everybody but Tatum, Brown, Horford

2) The bad/ugly

Tatum, Brown, Horford and Timelord being absent once again

Hard to beat the best team in the conference when your top 3 players all lay a goose egg, but the team played hard and didn't give up. Have to give props for Smart specifically for how hard he played getting the Celtics on the verge of getting back into the game, but he had help. I thought Parker and Langford both did well and that unit with Tatum and Brown and Horford did some good things.

You can see how Pritchard and Nesmith are so screwed up right now after watching how Brown being completely out of sync from being inactive for so long. Brown just has no flow.

First game this year that I saw Horford making silly plays. 2 unforced turnovers turned the game into a rout with forced passes. Really shot it poorly too.

And Tatum got back to his early season struggles. Unfortunately, looked like the Tatum in the early going of the season.

Pritchard finally had 1 good minute of play even though it was in garbage time down by 25, he did some things off the dribble. He has been so bad, any positive sign is welcomed. I was impressed how hard Parker played and how he has improved his lateral defense.

It was going to be tough night to beat the Nets when you have 2 role players go off like that. It seemed like Aldridge and Mills made every shot they took.

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