The only game you lose...

The only game you lose is the one that doesn't make you better. That's a common axiom of youth coaches, but it can apply at all levels. In the NFL, good coaches use games in September and October to get their team ready for the second half of the season. In the NBA, games before New Year's can and should be treated the same way. Of course you want to win every game, but it's a long season and the first few months should be mostly about team growth.

The Celtics have had many growth games so far this season and hopefully the loss to the Spurs is one of them. Like everyone else, I was frustrated and disappointed with the loss; but if the team can learn some lessons and apply them going forward, then I'm okay with it. I hope the coaches and players ask themselves and each other, "What did we learn from this game? How can we apply those lessons in future games?"

I don't know for sure if the Celtics will grow from this game, but so far this season they have responded to adversity in a positive way and I expect that to keep happening.

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