Its now 20 games and its time to make changes

After 20-games it appears that this team is going no where with the current roster and mindset.

At times both Tatus and Brown look great but must of the time, they make the bad pass, drive towards the basket and make the same moves and the shot gets blocked, stripped or lost control. Smart hustles most of the time but makes the bad pass in the paint and losses the ball. These three are the key components of the existing team and its not working.

Williams is not 100% available Schruter is hot and cold, Grant Williams hustles but is mismatched with larger PF when going inside. Horfold adds leadership and veteran presence, but can't do it alone, everybody else is interchangeable.

We need a better leader, a veteran leader to push this team forward. This team needs a veteran to settle things down and not have 15-20 points down in the first quarter.

Trading Smart and others may help. However, if Tatum doesn't change his mindset, we are going nowhere.

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