Gordon Hayward

What’s the point in lamenting, yet I find myself doing it yet again with him and the thoughts of " what coulda been"? His injury literally screwed up the entire master plan Brad and Danny had enacted. The guy was the PERFECT wing to play with theJ’s. Great playmaker, good shooter, good defender, can get you 15-25 consistently, and was steady. They’ve been searching for the perfect wing compliment ever since. Grant is kind of approximating some of what he gave, but is nowhere the playmaker. The goal moving forward to right this team is finding a guy who plays a lot like Hayward, but most importantly he needs to be as effective a playmaker. I think they hoped Romeo could be that, but he just doesn’t have the playmaking. Richardson is kinda in same mold, but he isn’t a playmaker either. Can we package a few of the pieces and find that wing that ticks all the boxes Gordon does and complete the vision that the team had surrounding the J’s?

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