More than a win

The Celtics' win over the Raptors felt like a taffy pull to me, and it was a win that would have been a loss earlier this season.

The defense was consistently tough while the offense had to work extra hard to score points without Dennis Schroder in the lineup. I loved watching Marcus Smart play last night. Seemed like he was in the middle of every play, diving on the floor for a loose ball, making a key pass, hitting a clutch three. He did it all. Jason Tatum had an off night shooting the ball but still contributed to the win - that's a great sign. Josh Richardson was back and making solid plays on both ends. And what about "Freedom" (Enes Kanter)? He's getting better every game. Payton Pritchard played 10 minutes!

It was a win that helped build team chemistry and team identity and that will go a long ways and makes it more important than just a check mark in the standings.

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