Miami is a measuring stick game

It was good to see the Celtics play well last night after their recent implosion. They had to play well and they did. However it was the Orlando Magic so you can't take too much from that game. But tonight's game against the Miami Heat is a different story. The Heat are currently at the top in the East and playing well. They are a talented, physically tough, well coached and motivated team.

To have a chance tonight, the Celtics will have to play with the intensity of a playoff game for a full game. They have to play harder than the Heat, something they haven't done well so far this year. They will have to be tough defensively on every possession. Again, something that they haven't always done this season. They will have to pass the ball and avoid turnovers, something that has hurt them so far this year. Udoka will have to make in-game adjustments, have some key plays prepared, use his roster effectively and react quickly when the game goes sideways. Something he hasn't done well so far this season.

If the Celtics play well and win (or even lose a close game), then it can really help the team. If they don't rise to the occasion and lose badly, then the pain will continue.

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