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Reacts: Celtics fans not impressed with City Edition uniforms

Sometimes you just can’t improve upon perfection

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The NBA unveiled the City Edition uniforms for all 30 teams last week. Some were inspired, some were boring, and some were just plain bad. Of course this is all just a matter of opinion. Which is why it makes for a good poll topic.

The Celtics version of the City uniforms were, ...not really well received. Only 37% of those polled liked them.

The Celtics were going for a traditional look, combining styles from 3 different eras. From the team:

“Designed to capture the many successful eras of Celtics basketball, Boston’s City Edition uniform top features elements from three different decades. Founded with a solid green base, the uniform projects a white outlined wordmark and number scheme reminiscent of the team’s 1949 uniforms. The back of the jersey features a white nameplate block below the player’s jersey number, a nod to the team’s iconic 1988 warmup jackets, while the taping around the arms and neck replicates the team’s 1965 uniform.

Perhaps it is just trying too hard to bring in elements of the history instead of just focusing one updating the look in a clean and fresh way. Ultimately the fault lies with the standard uniforms. They are just too good and thus haven’t been tinkered with much in several decades.

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