G League for the sophomores?

Just read a piece on about this idea. What do we think? Should we send Pritchard down for a week to get some run and shot opportunities? We have plenty of guards to cover. Maybe he could use some open looks, a free pass to drive and an opportunity to build confidence.

The other player mentioned is Nesmith. I think he could also use some playing time and some shot opportunities. It seems obvious that they are both struggling to shoot, and this is probably their greatest potential on this team. Did the mask screw up Pritch? He seemed locked in during Summer ball. Nesmith seems to have a timing issue. He seems to yip more shots than last year. Open looks that klang.

We would have to stagger their bb vacations. Maybe send Nesmith first. Then Pritch the week after. Maine schedule has to play a part, as we don't want them traveling too much. Maybe three games each? The fact we would be sending both would cushion the ego impact.- hopefully. They both work hard and we know they have significant talents. Seems like they could use more experience than garbage time.. AND GT is not really our thing as we play down to weaker opponents too often. Of course, they could get more GT if we fold to established teams like the Nets.

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