It's December, almost trading season!!

My List of players who have been rumored to be on the trade block or discussed during this season. Players are listed in order of Salary with my idea of what the Celtics could have to trade to get them (Not saying they should). When I list matching salary’s it’s usually the MINIMUM Boston would have to send out.

John Wall (Hou)- $44.3M this year and $47.3M player option next year means Wall is NOT being traded. He will likely agree to a buyout and sign as a free agent somewhere for under $10M.

Dame Lillard (Port)- $39.3M with $42.5, $45.6 and a $48.8 player option left. Would cost the Celtics Tatum or Brown , IMO.

Kyrie Irving (Bkn)-$35.3M plus a $36.9M player option. Forget about it!!

Bradley Beal (Wash)- $33.7M plus a $36.4M player option. I doubt Washington lets him go for anything less than Brown to be honest and no Smart and Richardson don’t make the salary’s work.

Ben Simmons (Phil)- $33M with $35.4, $37.9 and $40.3 after that. Philly reportedly would take Brown back in a trade. Again Smart and Richardson do not work.

Karl Anthony-Towns (Minn)- $31.6M this year with $33.8 and $36.0M after. They will not trade him for anything less than Tatum or Brown, IMO. Either one works for Salary cap rules.

Kevin Love (Clev)- $31.2M this year with $28.9M the next season. Like Wall he is almost un-tradable at his current salary and value.

D’Angelo Russell (Minn)- $30.0M and $31.3M next season. Way overpaid and the Celtics likely have little to no interest, as they have no high salary’s to dump back to Minny.

Buddy Hield (Sac)- $23.1M this year with $21.0M and $19.3M on the books after. If the Celtics would have interest in Hield, they would have to send out at least $18.5M in salary’s in any trade.

John Collins (Atl)- $23.0M this season plus $23.5, $25.3, $26.5 and a $26.5 player option. While talk has died down of Collins being traded right now, his long contract and skill set could see a team like Boston interested. However, I think any deal would have to center around Brown going home to Atlanta.

Danilo Gallinari (Atl)- $20.5M this season and $21.4M ( only $5M guaranteed) the next. Even though he is more likely to be moved then Collins above, his salary is way higher than his current play level. It would take $16.4M in salary going out to get him in a trade for Boston.

Goran Dragic ( Tor)- $19.4M expiring contract. Apparently has been sent home by Toronto , as they will likely buy him out and release him. Could be an option for Boston as a buy out IF they make other deals that opens a roster spot

Eric Gordon (Hou)- $18.2M this year plus $19.5M and a $20.9M player option. Hard to see anyone wanting him at those dollars now at his age. Boston would have to send out about $14.5m in salary to bring him here, so that’s likely a hard NO.

Eric Bledsoe (LAC)- $18.1M plus $19.3M ($3.9M guaranteed). Almost an expiring contract here, but I can’t see any reason Boston would want him here.

Myles Turner (Ind)- $18.0m this year and $18.0M the next season. He has been talked about for a couple years as being on the Celtics’ radar, but never any deal done. Unless Stevens feel different about him than Ainge did he won’t be here anytime soon. Would take $14.4M in salary going back in any deal.

Ricky Rubio (Clev)- $17.8M expiring contract. Could be a trade option for Boston as an expiring salary. However he doesn’t fit into the Fournier TPE, so we would have to send salary out in any deal. $14.2M is enough, but I doubt Boston would send any of their top 8 players back for a player who would be a free agents after the season.

The Following salary’s could fit into the Fournier $17.14M TPE:

NOTE: adding salary's will INCREASE the Owners Tax bill as well as overall team salary and they are cheap.

Davis Bertans (Wash)- $16.0M plus $16.0, $17.0 and a $16.0M player option. WOW, what a BAD contract for a marginal rotation guy!. Washington would surely like to unload him on some sucker, hope it isn’t the Celtics. IF so, they would have to send out $12.8M in salary to match or use the TPE

Malik Beasley (Minn)- $14.4M with $15.5M and a team option of $16.5M after. Might be hard to move after last years run in with the law, but if Boston has any interest, the salary needed to send out is in the $11.5M range OR use the TPE.

Patrick Beverly (Minn)- $14.3M expiring salary. Could certainly be an option for the TPE (with a second round pick going back to Minny). Not suse if the Celtics would have any interest unless they make other moves also though. Adding Beverly and the tax bill that goes with it, simply doesn’t move the needle much.

Thaddeus Young (SA)- $14.19M expiring salary. Like Beverly one could see Young being an option with that TPE and not much more going out in trade, however the same thing works against Young as Beverly. Neither one alone does much to improve the team overall, they are both old as dirt and the owners end up paying about $20M more in salary and tax payments for not much.

Christian Wood (Hou)- $13.6M this year and $14.3M the following season. There are reports Houston is willing to move him for a first round pick and another young piece. Since Houston is OVER the cap and they have no TPE’s to take back any of our younger players, we would have to match salary in any deal. That means about $10.9M in salary has go out in any trade for Wood. Probably need to be a 3 way deal to make it happen, with Hernangomez and Langford or even Schroder going out along with a first.

Luke Kennard (LAC)- $13.3M this year and $14.4, $15.4 and a $15.4M team option after that. Clippers will likely have to hold on to him a for bit unless they can package him with others players, as he seems over paid to me. He does fit the Fournier TPE though or the team would have to send out $10.6M in salary to match in any trade.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (Wash)- $13.0M this season and $14.0M next year ( $4.9M guaranteed). A player Boston could actually be looking at adding here finally. He’s not a great fit with Beal in Washington, but they are winning right now. If they keep winning Washington may not be trading anyone (except the stiff Bertans). But If they do move Caldwell-Pope a first round pick and the TPE won’t get it done IMO.

Taurean Prince (Minn)- $13.0M expiring deal here. Fits the TPE and Boston could likely get him (and his bird rights) for a draft pick. Another trade option could be sending Hernangomez back to Minny along with Nesmith.

Robert Covington (Port)- $12.9M expiring deal. Fits that TPE and if Boston would send them a draft pick, they might do it. Same option as with prince above works also.

Terrence Ross (Orl)- $12,.5M this year and $11.5M the following season. TPE fit with some type of draft compensation ( sorry they will want a first, because he has a second year on his contract). Interesting note about Orlando is they have a $17.1M TPE from Fournier also, and they have a $4.2M TPE as well. So Ross into our TPE along with a first round pick and Nesmith or Langford into their Smaller TPE with a second coming back would work.

Kelly Oubre (Char)- $12.0M this year and $12.6M ( $5M guaranteed) the following season. Charlotte may be willing to move him if Hayward ever can stay healthy there. Maybe they take a first, if offered and we fit him into that TPE. Takes $9.6M in matching salary’s’ to get anything done.

Marvin Bagley (Sac)- $11.3M expiring deal, RFA after the season. Some call him Barfley others think he is just what Boston needs right now. I am pretty sure the Kings will give him up for a first into that TPE Boston has. Otherwise it’ll take $9M in matching salary’s or more. Kings do have a TPE of $3.6M also, so Nesmith and a second could work in that case.

Jeremy Lamb (Ind)- $10.5M expiring. Shooter was injured earlier in the year not sure if he’s back yet. Pacers have two TPE’s to consider here, one is $7.3M and the other $3.98M. If they’d take back Hernangomez for Lamb in a swap of TPE’s guys, might be worth a look.

Kyle Anderson (Mem)- $9.9M expiring deal. Fits Fournier’s TPE again, if Boston wants to send draft capital to get him. Memphis does have a $4M TPE also to play with here. so Nesmith or Langford going back instead?

Players below fit into the Thompson $9.72M TPE

Derek Favors (OKC)- $9.7M this year and a $10.2M player option the next season. Thunder would happily take another one of Stevens draft picks for Favors I would think and he fits into the Thompson TPE also.

Kemba Walker (NY)- $8.7M this year and $9.2M next season. OK..enough said.

Dario Saric (Phoe)- $8.5M this year and $9.2M the next. Not much bang for the buck here more expensive than "Herman Gomez" and not much better.

Daniel Theis (Hou)- $8.3M this season then $8.7, $9.1 and a $9.5M non guaranteed year. I’d take him back for Hernangomez and a protected first round pick myself. He does have a 15% trade kicker that he’d have to pass on, but we could guarantee his final year for around $4m and it’s the same money for him.

Cedi Osman (Clev)- $8.1M this year with $7.4M and then a non guaranteed $6.7M afterwards. Worth a first for anyone into that Thompson TPE?

Justin Holiday (Ind)- $6.0M and then $6.3M the next season. Another shooter with additional years on his contract will likely cost you a first round pick though.

Finally I add three players on their rookie deals who may be on the trade block also:

Coby White (Chic)- $5.8M with $7.4M the following year before he is a RFA. With Ball there now, White may be moved, but it won’t be cheap. They are UNDER the tax line now, so they won’t look to take on a lot more salary either. With P. Williams’ injury they could use a PF type, but we have no one worth them sending us White for IMO. Some type of 3 team deal maybe where Boston sends out some salary (Smart, Richardson?) and a first would be a start I suppose.

Rui Hachimuro (Wash)- $4.9M this year and $6.3M after then a RFA. Hasn’t played all year for Washington and just recently rejoined the team for some unknown reason. With Kuzma playing well there, Rui can probably be had for a deal. Boston does have a $5M TPE from the Walker trade still and if they think he’s not crazy, maybe using that and sending Washington a first could make sense here.

Cam Reddish (Atl)- $4.7M this year and $5.9 followed by his RFA year. Was on the trade block earlier but is in their rotation now so who knows. Like above a first and Walkers TPE works or various young players on rookie deals for us as well.

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