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Give us your best trade ideas for a shooter (discussion topic)

The Celtics need more shooting. Give us your best plan.

Sacramento Kings v Toronto Raptors Photo by Vaughn Ridley/NBAE via Getty Images

Tis the season to go shopping and the Celtics have a few needs that would be great to fill. I’m going to run a 3 part series asking for your best trade ideas. Today’s focus is adding shooting.

We knew coming into the season that shooting could be an issue for this team and the lack of playing time given to some of the best shooters on the team has only exacerbated that issue (another topic for another time). So if Brad Stevens wants to give this team a shot (pun intended) in the arm, he might try to swing a deal for a shooter.

For example, Buddy Hield has been available for years at the right price. Of course at $23M (decreasing for the next 2 years) there’s a hefty cost along with the price to acquire him.

The Wizards would likely be willing to part with Davis Bertans, but that’s largely because he hasn’t exactly lived up to his $16M per year contract that 3 more years on it after this one.

Another option is Eric Gordon, but again, he’s making $18M this year and has another year left on his deal (and he turns 34 this month).

Not all shooting comes from the guard and wing positions either. Myles Turner is reportedly available as the Pacers have reportedly put most of their roster up for auction.

Those are just a few ideas for targets. Now comes the hard part, putting together reasonable trade packages for any of them or another player of your choice.

(Hint: Save your bigger trade ideas for later. We’ll be continuing this series with a few other focus points.)

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