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Give us your best Dennis Schröder trade ideas (discussion topic)

What could the Celtics get for their bargain PG?

Milwaukee Bucks v Boston Celtics Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

We’re moving on to our second topic in this series of discussion points. Keith Smith has already laid out the case for “Why the Celtics might consider a Dennis Schroder trade.” Here’s one great point he made.

The second reason Boston might trade Schroder is the reality of his contract and the relative inability to retain him beyond this season. Schroder’s $5.9 million deal is extremely tradable. Every team in the NBA can match salary on a deal that small without any issue. That takes one potential, and often overlooked, issue off the list.

So there’s no shortage of options the Celtics could have if they decided to make Dennis available. There’s likely going to be some overlap from the prior topic as the Celtics would be wise to target shooting in any deal. However, I didn’t want to limit it to that.

Perhaps the Celtics could move Schröder in a deal for draft capital that they could then package with one of our TPE’s to add someone else (basically an elaborate 3 way trade). Or if you are really in the mood to punt the season, you could take the pick(s) and call it a day, happy that you got something before losing Dennis for nothing in the offseason. It also might depend on the level of picks you think you could get.

Ideally the Celtics would want to get back a useful player that fills both short term and long term needs. Perhaps another option at point guard under contract for longer.

Of course one of the challenges would be identifying teams that could use Schröder. Which likely means contenders needing a scoring guard or teams that would like to give him a half season audition before giving him a longer term contract as a free agent.

Another option might be to package Schröder together with some other contracts for a larger trade. But once again, we’ll get to those in the next installment of this series.

So give us your best Dennis Schröder trade ideas in the comments below.

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