Another good win

The Celtics' win over the 76ers Wednesday night helps validate the direction the team is moving. It reinforces several lessons.

  1. They must play hard on defense all the time.
  2. They must move the ball and themselves on offense.
  3. They must make rebounding a high priority.
  4. They are not good enough to beat anybody if they don't do all three things; and they might be good enough to beat anybody when they do.
Another thing we learned is that Coach Udoka is most comfortable with a short rotation. He played just nine players. These are the nine players that he will lean on all season and into the playoffs. He wants this group to develop chemistry and they have to play a lot together for that to happen.

The short rotation strategy will be tested in the next two weeks as the team as goes on a tour of the West. In addition to the daunting schedule, he will have to evaluate how much he should play Jaylen Brown. Brown is clearly not 100% recovered from his hamstring injury and it shows. I'm not a doctor, but it looks to me that more rest would be a wise course to take with him.

The Western tour will also serve as an important assessment of how much potential this team has and thus which direction Brad Stevens is likely to take heading into trade season. Enjoy the trip!

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