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Gary Washburn: Christmas gift to the Celtics would be “a chance for them to figure out who they are”

Maybe Santa can bring the C’s good health for the rest of the season.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

Christmas time is here, and most Boston Celtics fans are probably asking for a winning record. The C’s have consistently hovered around the .500 mark for the majority of the season, and with Bostonians being some of the harshest fans in the league, that’s not good enough in their eyes.

The backlash has ranged from ‘fire Ime’ to ‘trade Jaylen’ to “blow it up.’ Anyone who logs onto Twitter will be able to see these sentiments and more being made about the Celtics. Don’t dig too deep, though, or things get even uglier.

Since it’s the season of giving, the A List Podcast on CLNS Media decided to think up some gift ideas for the Celtics this season. Kwani A. Lunis went first, saying that the one thing she would give the C’s is consistency:

“It’s not tangible, but, just consistency. A consistent offense, a consistent roster that Ime can work with and hopefully get to the playoffs.”

The Celtics are battling for positioning in the Eastern Conference, with only one game separating the 6th seed from the 11th seed. They’re stuck in that mess and have been unable to break out of it all year long.

Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe stopped by the show to share his idea as well. His idea was similar to Lunis’, but he expanded on the idea a bit. Instead of simply asking for consistency, Washburn wants to see this Celtics team have a consistent roster.

“I would say a chance for them to figure out who they are. Like whether it’s just a healthy roster, to figure out if they’re just straight up an average team because right now they’re average. They’ve been average for a year and a half now almost… They just keep shooting themselves in the foot.”

As of now, the Celtics have a ton of players in the NBA’s health and safety protocols. This was put on full display in their recent loss to the Philadelphia 76ers, as Enes Freedom was forced to play over 40 minutes, matching up with Joel Embiid all night.

As Washburn notes, the Celtics haven’t been able to remain healthy for nearly two years now. He argues that it would finally give them a chance to see how good they can really be.

“That’s the thing, you got to have available players… I think that would be what I would give them. Because we still, in a sense, we really don’t know how good they can be… And let’s see what happens with good health, that would be my gift. Good tidings to all.”

While these may seem like two solid ideas, A. Sherrod Blakely was blunt when giving his thoughts on the matter. Although, his gift was similar to the previous two. Blakely simply added a bit of a twist to his.

“Y’all’s gifts suck… I would give them a year subscription to Miss Cleo… Her whole thing is seeing into the future, having an idea of what’s around the corner before you get there. I would love to see what this team can do when they actually have a clue as to what they’re getting into because right now, everything they’re doing is on the fly.”

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