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CelticsPod: three-point freeze & trade talk

Adam and Greg dive into multiple topics in the final episode of CelticsPod for 2021.

Boston Celtics v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images

In CelticsPod’s last episode of 2021, Adam and Greg discuss the Celtics shooting troubles against the Los Angeles Clippers. Are the Celtics limiting some of their players by asking them to play within confined roles? How can Udoka not make an adjustment down the stretch with a win still in sight?

However, the guys also admit that the Celtics played hard and fought for each other - which is a victory in itself considering that’s what so many fans have been calling for. Greg also gives Brodric Thomas his flowers for an impressive performance off the bench, “Let’s give him his two minutes, considering he likely won’t get discussed on here again. I think there wasn’t much difference between what Romeo Lanford gave you compared to what Thomas gave you, and that’s more of a compliment to Thomas than it is an insult to Langford.”

The topic of conversation then moves to potential trades, with the trade deadline approaching, and the narrative of a Ben Simmons-for-Jaylen Brown swap intensifying throughout NBA media in recent days.

Adam says that if Boston can get back an extra piece on top of Simmons, then he’s “in” on the trade. “I just think that with Simmons, Tatum hasn’t played with a facilitator of that level before. He would be getting so many open looks and driving opportunities. Ben is fantastic at forcing defensive collapses before kicking the rock out, and that’s what Boston needs right now: somebody to lay the table. Simmons is also a far better perimeter defender than Brown is, and he’s more versatile - he could even guard small-ball fives without many issues. I get that you lose shooting, that’s why I would want Seth Curry in the deal, but overall, I think this move could be exactly what Boston needs.”

Greg also offers a hypothetical trade that sees the Celtics keep Brown, but give up Al Horford, Romeo Langford, and Aaron Nesmith in return for Jusuf Nurkic and filler.

Finally, I would like to take a moment to thank all of you who have been listening. Please feel free to interact with us. It’s a great feeling when listeners get involved, and we all start to build a rapport. Frankly, it’s the most rewarding part of running a podcast/show.

My email address is in my bio, so if you have suggestions on something you would like to discuss, feel free to email it over. I will take all ideas and criticism to ensure the show gives you what you want from it. The biggest compliment is referring the show to a friend or leaving a five-star review on your platform of choice.

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