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Ainge: Jaylen Brown dealing with knee tendonitis

The hits just keep on comin’.

Boston Celtics v Utah Jazz Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images

On his weekly visit with Toucher & Rich at 88.5 The SportsHub, Danny Ainge revealed that Jaylen Brown is dealing with tendonitis in his left knee. Out of precaution, the injury forced Brown to miss two games on the Celtics’ five-game road trip out west and could limit him moving forward, particularly in this shortened but compressed season.

“We’re concerned. Jaylen has tendonitis in his [left] knee,” Ainge said. “We’re concerned about it. We’re doing everything we can. Giving him the two days rest isn’t going to cure it, it’s just going to lighten the load.”

“I’ve only known about it for the last two weeks that he’s had it, that he’s occasionally had it. I’m not a doctor. I haven’t seen the images of it and haven’t really spent much time talking to our doctors about it yet. I look forward to catching up with them as they return from the road now, but probably even tonight.”

While obviously concerning, Ainge did also say that he does not foresee any long term issues with the injury and that several NBA players have dealt with it over the course of their careers, including himself. Brown has tendonitis in his left patella tendon and the only real cure right now is rest, a luxury the Celtics don’t really have right now with sixteen games in twenty-seven days this month. He did not appear on the injury report yesterday and is presumably a go tonight against the visiting Raptors.

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